Residences designed to make the everyday extraordinary.


Richland Renovations is a residential design + renovation company. At Richland Renovations we pride ourselves on creating spaces that reflect the people who will call it home...we offer exceptional craftsmanship, unique design solution and attention to all the details.  Richland specializes in transforming the 1960's ranch to a livable 2018 home.  




More than just a remodel.


Richland properties are more than just a standard remodel – they are thoughtful redesigns from the ground up to accomodate the way we live today.  From the flow of the space to the most up to date finishes, there is no detail left to chance. When we build a Richland home, we focus on every aspect to make sure form and function compliment each other for the best living space possible.




Reimagining how you live

At Richland we believe in designing homes around the way today's modern families actually live.  We eliminate the chopped up spaces and favor open floor plans that flow and create the perfect space for every lifestyle.



design for the modern family

Attention to every detail is our focus.  We love using high-end finishes in a modern fashion.  Hardwood floors, quartzite and marble counters, and top of the line appliances are standard in every one of our homes.



features you dream about

Luxurious details make Richland homes stand out.  Whether it’s an outdoor living space or a free standing tub, these thoughtful details make the home feel more like a retreat.


respecting the ranch house

We pride ourselves on modernizing the ranch house while paying respect to the architectural history of the style.  We want our homes to blend in to the neighborhood.

The neighborhood.


At Richland Renovations, we believe a true community shouldn't be gated or fenced in – it should seamlessly meld into its surroundings. That's why we choose to focus on the areas in and around central Dallas for our projects.